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Ezi Drive's story, or how to scale a startup without VC help
A month ago, I was meeting some friends for lunch. It was a weekend, and food orders somehow quickly morphed into beer orders. I had taken my car, so I was quietly focusing on my starters, when a friend caught on and offered a suggestion.

If you are not drinking because you are worried about the car, why don.t you book an Ezi Drive?.

Gingerly, I fired up the website on my phone, and was given a confirmed booking within minutes. Whatever apprehensions I had were swept away when the driver personally called to confirm that he was coming, even apologizing for a potential 15 minute delay due to traffic...    READ MORE

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Hit hard by pandemic, cab operators focus on inter-city...
Limited intercity train & bus services & reluctance to take flights have prompted cab operators to change track.They are now focusing on inter-city routes instead. Intra-city cab rides have reduced due to virus scare & WFH option...    READ MORE

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Hire a Driver, Party Sans Worry on newyear's Eve
Smooth drive With the police cracking down on drunk drivers and cab aggregators likely to charge 'Surge pricing', most people are opting to hire drivers.

For party goers on New Year's Eve, getting back home is the biggest worry. With the police cracking down on drunk drivers and cab aggregators likely to be on 'surge pricing', most people with cars are opting to hire drivers. Understandably, the demand for drivers is surging...    READ MORE

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Ezi Drive, a leader in driver hire service in Bengaluru and Chennai, has now introduced app-based cab hire services in both the cities, with fixed charges. With fixed rates as mentioned in the website, there would not be peak-time surcharges, founder Ram Prasath said...    READ MORE

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Ezi Drive cab-hailing app gatheres momentum (Chennai, 14-June-2018)
Even as Ola and Uber are competing among themselves to win the driver's seat, Ezi Drive, a newly launched mobile app, seems to be racing ahead of the curve...    READ MORE

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On-demand driver service now made Ezi (Chennai, 21-June-2018)
With Cab aggregators and the taxi-rental market booming in the city, EziDrive, a newly launched mobile app has steered ahead of the curve by enabling both driver and cab hire on the same platform...    READ MORE

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Ezi Drive is the only mobile app that facilitates both driver, as well as cab hire on a single platform, making it a one-stop shop for city travel solutions...    READ MORE

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'Ezi Drive' Mobile App for hiring driver, cab hire launched ...    READ MORE

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Ezi Drive now in Chennai, Bengaluru (Bengaluru, 16-July-2018)
Ezi Drive, a mobile app that facilitates hiring of drivers and cabs via the same app, has been launched in Chennai and Bengaluru...    READ MORE

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Commuters turn to driver-hire services (Bengaluru, 31-July-2018) Driver-hire services such as DriveU and Ezi Drive are offering flat rates that don't burn a hole in customer wallets...    READ MORE

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Theekkathir, Chennai, Page 2   READ MORE

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Sanjevani, Bengaluru   READ MORE

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Makkalkural, Chennai, Page 11   READ MORE

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Viduthalai, Chennai, Page 6   READ MORE

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