How it works

New Registration:

  • Enter your basic details

  • Enter the address which will be your default pick-up location with landmark & pincode. Option to select the exact map location corresponding to your address for easy navigation. Upon successful submit of the info an SMS will be triggered to your registered mobile number with Customer ID and welcome message.

  • Now you are ready to login to your account for a Driver or Cab booking.

New Booking Creation:

  • Enter your registered mobile number & password

  • Select the service you want to avail - Driver Hire or Cab Hire

  • By default, your current location will be the address that will be displayed on the "Pick-up" entry bar on the top. You can move the pin on the map to choose your exact location. Alternatively can type the starting few characters of the landmark near to your address to get address suggestion to choose from. Once chosen you also have the option to save the address in your "favourite" list b clicking on the favourite / heart symbol on the top RHS of the address bar

  • Having chosen the address select the trip type - Local or Outstation

  • Then go on to select the Service type - One Way Trip | Round Trip | Airport

  • Enter the Drop area if "one-way-drop" is chosen

  • If you want to avail the service within the next 1 hour select "Book Now" else select "Book Later"

  • If duration of duty if you have opted for "Book now"

  • Select the Duty Start date & time and Duty End date & time and press "Book"

  • You booking is successfully done with the confirmation message with duty details.

Edit Existing Booking:

  • If you have an existing booking that you want to modify, Go to menu link and select .Edit booking. link

  • You have the option to edit reporting location or reporting time or cancel the booking.

  • If you want to edit the reporting location, the process is similar to new booking creation process described above

  • If you want to edit the reporting date & time, the process is similar to new booking creation process described above.

  • If you want to cancel an existing booking, simply press .Cancel. icon and the booking will be successfully cancelled.