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Hate driving your car in the traffic and need a driver? Ezi Drive provides you professional and trained driver on call. You can sit back and relax while our driver handles the driving for you in thick traffic.

Benefits of hiring from Ezi Drive:

  • Pioneer and Leader in call driver hire services.
  • Large team of experienced, reliable & professional drivers having thorough knowledge of the city.
  • All our drivers have a minimum of 3+ years driving experience.
  • All our drivers undergo a thorough background and criminal record check.
  • Online & App booking facility with provision to view booking history for call driver hire services.
  • Can hire call drivers on a 24 * 7 basis incl. holidays.
  • Ability to service a radius of 50 kms in and around Bangalore and Chennai.
  • Fast and efficient service / customer response backed by robust IT systems.
  • Dedicated team of polite, courteous and responsible customer service personnel.
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Hire Driver or Cab on the go on the same platform.
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Driver Hire Services:

  • City driving: Ability to service a radius of 50 kms in and around the city
  • Outstation: Offer outstation round trips, pick-up and drops to all major cities / towns in India.
  • Office pick-up & drop: Regular transfers from home to office in the morning and office to home in the evening in the comfort of your own car on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Permanent duty: Availability of permanent driver on demand mutually agreed fixed monthly salary or on payment of a one-time finder’s fee.
  • Valet drivers: Placement of experienced valet parking driver on demand for hotels, offices, functions and commercial establishments on per hour, daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Corporate drivers: Placement of professionally qualified, courteous driver on call with formal company attire for managing your fleet of vehicles for any corporate occasions and also for regular day-to-day handling.

Ezi Drive offers the safest and smartest solution for your driver on call needs. The convenience of having your own personal driver on demand is just a few taps away with Ezi Drive.

Call us right away at (080) 424 00 000 / 67 000 000 (Bangalore) & 08042400010 (Chennai) for the best deal.

Frequently Asked Questions about Call Driver

All drivers on the Ezi Drive platform are highly experienced in driving. Our on-demand drivers are available for hire on a 24/7 basis including holidays and weekends.

Our drivers are well-aware of the city and know most of the routes within the city. For outstation trips, we generally provide experienced drivers who know the route around the selected destination.

All our drivers have 3+ years of driving experience and can handle all types of cars be it manual / automatic transmission or high-end cars and undergo regular workshop training conducted by company

Yes, you can. If you need a driver, you can login to our portal and do an online booking to hire a driver. Alternatively, you can also book using our mobile App. You can rent a driver for a daily office commute, an outstation trip or a trip within the city limits.

We hire only professionals with over 3+ years of driving experience. All our drivers are responsible and well-aware of the routes they take up. The drivers undergo a criminal background check and are trained to be polite and respectful towards all customers.


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